Product Updates

Budget enhancements in search, area prefixes and future showings

Budget enhancements in search

Property search just got a new upgrage allowing customers to tighten their budget. The search now supports a more rigid upper limit on the price when the user mentions something like:

  • under, less than 500k
  • 500k max
  • no more than 500k

Less than in budget

This will offer the customer all the properties below the set budget, providing them with more flexibility and precision when it comes to setting the price of the home they're looking for.

Support in area prefix

We are gradually rolling out support for area prefixes, starting with 'downtown'. This has been a popular request that can be useful to the consumers.

Support for downtown in areas

As you can see, when the user doesn't specify the area they are looking for, the bot will ask for a confirmation on the city.

Future showings for coming soon listings

A while back, we rolled out support for "Coming Soon" listings. We're now following up on that with an option to add future showings on those listings. Here's how that looks like:

Future showing on coming soon listings

Enabling consumers to set a date in the near future to visit for when the property goes on the market.

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