Product Updates

Agent search improvements, spam filter and a sticky bot mute

Agent search improvements

We introduced the following enhancements to the agent search:

  • A better name matcher that can support middle names and team names
  • A new 'See more' option that loads more search results when applicable.

Agent search

Spam filter

We added a spam filter that detects users with suspicious behavior. If explicit language is used, or the shared content was flagged as spam, the user account will be flagged and their interactions will be blocked.

This will filter out all spam content and block it from reaching your team.

Sticky bot mute

We previously introduced a bot mute option that helps consumers pause all bot notifications so they can browse your website without being distracted. However, each time the user opened the chat, the mute option got deactivated and notifications were turned back on automatically. As of today, when the bot is muted, opening the chat window will not re-enable the notifications unless the user starts a conversation with the bot.

This will ensure that the mute option is stickier than ever.

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