Product Updates

Last name detection, listing consent and cross-selling lead context

Last name detection & support

This is a very popular request. It sounds simple to implement, but in a chat context, it's not quite. Without going into the nitty gritty, your Roof AI bot now collects your customer's last name and passes it on with the lead info.

Here's how that looks like:

Last name support

To keep the conversation casual, we’re still asking “What is your name?“, instead of explicitely asking for the first then the last name.

But there are a few different scenarios here based on how the user responds:

  1. They implicitly share their first and last name → No further action is taken by the bot.
  2. They only share their first name and end up taking a light action, like casually searching for a house → The bot doesn't bother them with the last name request and waits until...
  3. They take a serious action, like requesting a showing or a mortgage pre-approval → That's when the bot requires the last name to complete the lead profile.

This will make sure no lead is passed on to your agents without being fully scrubbed.

Listing consent from buyers

We recently started gathering the selling intent from each buyer. Today, we're pushing it a bit further by turning those customers into actual selling opportunities. We're doing that by getting the customer's consent to list their property with a company agent.

Here's the consent email:

Lead Metadata

By clicking yes, they'd be providing us with the consent we were looking for.

This allows your bot to turn a random visitor on your website into a listing opportunity for your agents.

Cross-selling lead context

When a mortgage lead wants to connect with an company agent, in addition to the lead info, we're now providing more context, including:

  • The lead type and their previous interaction, and
  • the property their were interested in, along with its details like price, location and a link to the listing details page.

That would provide your agents with the right context to make the best decision possible.

Thank you for reading this far.

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