Product Updates

Conversational lead forms, listing removal skill and smart email processing

Increasing your website conversion and reducing the volume of manual work on your team were the focus of this update. Here are the new releases that are helping us achieve that.

Turning lead forms into engaging conversations

Lead forms are almost as old as the internet. If you don't know what I'm referring to, they are the Name/Email/Phone section on your listing details page and on every real estate website.

These forms are static, clunky and unresponsive. They are also one of the main factors that negatively affect the conversion of your listing details pages.

Just think about this for a second. In order to interact with a real estate website today, consumers have to fill out the same form for every single listing they are interested in. That's the definition of 'static' right there.

They don't automatically recognize the customer, forcing them to repeat the same information over and over again. That's why those forms are clunky.

And finally, they are unresponsive because they can't provide information to your customers on the spot. After filling out a lead form, customers have to wait for someone on the other side to respond to them manually, sometimes many hours and days late.

Engaging conversations have the complete opposite effect. Here's how replacing the lead forms with conversations would look like:

Replacing lead forms with conversations

Conversations have a big advantage over lead forms. They are:

  1. Very dynamic (think about texting someone vs. filling out a contact form)
  2. highly engaging, since they recognize the customer and don't ask the same information more than once, and
  3. extremely responsive because they can provide instant answers to basic listing-related questions.

Substituting lead forms with conversations will turn your website into a conversion machine.

New listing removal skill

Your Roof AI bot keeps learning and acquiring new skills. It does that by figuring out patterns in the consumer behaviors and surfacing those patterns to us so we can implement the learnings.

One of the patterns that has been emerging is when new buyers request the removal of their listing from your website. The only way they do so today, is by going on a listing details page and filling out a lead form. If your lead routing is set up the typical way, this request will end up going to one of your agents. And no one wants that. But then a chain of manual actions need to be intiated to make sure the request has been properly addressed.

Not anymore. Today, we’re introducing a Listing Removal skill, that automates this task for you and routes it to the right destination. Here’s how it works:

Remove listing skill

The Listing Removal skill helps your team and agents save time, while providing a superior customer experience.

Smart processing of customers email replies

Roof AI is an omnichannel solution that provides a unified experience across chat, email and text. We design every email experience with the least friction possible, where customers would take a very limited set of actions/clicks to interact.

But sometimes, customers decide to take the long route by actually replying to a transactional email. Our support team then has to forward those replies to your side, which adds a friction on both ends.

With this new release, your Roof AI bot will be processing those customer replies. It will automatically take action on a reply when it can (i.e. the customer replied Yes/No instead of clicking the respective CTA). And when it cannot process the reply, it will instantly forward it to your team for their action.

Processing email replies

This new layer of automation helps us all save time, and makes sure every customer interaction is instantly serviced.

If you've reached this far, thank you for taking the time.

Until next time 👋

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