Woods Bros Realty doubles its closing rate on internet leads

Woods Bros Realty doubles its closing rate on internet leads

Leading real estate brokerage in Lincoln Nebraska doubles its closing rate on internet leads after optimizing the customer journey.

closings on internet leads
increase in mortgage opportunities


The majority of buyers rely on real estate agents to guide them through this complicated process and make sure their needs are met.

Every successful home-shopping experience has this element of personalization.

Today, however, this "one-to-one" experience is only present offline.

Woods Bros Realty, a tech-forward brokerage, wanted to emulate this “one-to-one” experience on their online channels. That’s why they turned to Roof AI.

With the help of Roof AI, Woods Bros Realty,

  • doubled its closings on internet leads,
  • and increased revenue opportunities by 90x

by creating an intelligent and personal online customer experience

“We needed a solution that would allow us to truly connect with our customers and create a personalized experience from the moment they entered our site and onwards. Roof AI allowed us to have the flexibility to create smarter search experiences, enhance our home recommendations, all the way to marketing our mortgage services on our website. The value that we managed to provide our customer translated in helping us achieve significant results in a short time period.” - Jason Schmit, Director of Business Development & Relocation

The Challenge

Jason Schmit, the Director of Business Development and Relocation at HomeServices of Nebraska and Woods Bros Realty, knew that shopping for a home can be a little overwhelming, especially online.

The personalized interactions that clients experienced offline with agents were not present online.

Jason and his team agreed that, if more than 90% of home-shopping starts online, this “one-to-one” experience should be given to each and every web visitor.

This required a solution that:

  • Captures important data points and buyer preferences.
  • Guides customers by suggesting content that is more interesting to them.
  • Is scalable to interact with each and every web visitor.

The Execution

To answer those concerns, Jason partnered up with Roof AI to build a fully autonomous virtual assistant that can bring some aspects of the offline real estate experience, online.

Armed with the latest technology, Morgan, the virtual assistant - helped Jason’s team with the following:

The result was Morgan, Woods Bros Realty's AI assistant that helped Jason’s team with the following:

A- Guide visitors in the right direction as they land on the website

The homepage is the most popular page on any real estate website.

It is often used by web visitors to kickstart their discovery process.

To better engage with visitors on the homepage, Jason and his team used Morgan as a concierge to guide visitors in the right direction and help them get there faster.

As shown in the image below, Woods Bros’ clients were given quick and easy access to:

  • A smart property search
  • Financing options
  • Finding the right Woods Bros realtor
  • Selling a property
  • and even getting in contact with the customer care team.

Woods Bros Realty homepage

B- Encourage visitors to stay on the site

Jason and the customer care team noticed that most visitors coming from a search engine (ex. Google) that landed on a listing page, left the website immediately after.

If the listing wasn’t what they were looking for, they would leave the site right away.

To engage those visitors and keep them on the site longer, Morgan would ask them if it can be of further assistance with the following:

  • Find other similar properties,
  • schedule a showing,
  • get pre-approved for mortgage,
  • or even talk to a local representative.

This would encourage shoppers to stay on the site and explore its listings and services further.

Woods Bros Realty property details

C- Enable resumed search for returning visitors

Netflix, Amazon, Spotify all use activity data to personalize the experience for their customers. They learn from their user’s previous activity to improve the next session.

Home-shopping takes time. People search for houses on multiple occasions.

Yet right now, visitors have to either start a new search session every time they land on a brokerage website or they have to create accounts, and manually save searches or set up listing alerts.

Imagine the work having to do that for multiple websites!!

To save their customers valuable time, Woods Bros Realty used Roof AI to autonomously:

  • enable returning visitors to resume their search wherever they left off,
  • and get new listing suggestions that are more interesting to them based on their previous activity,

without the friction of having to manually create accounts or set up search alerts.

Woods Bros Realty returning visitors

D- Provide a complete experience with affiliate offers right on the website

Jason and the Woods Bros team took advantage of Roof AI’s various skills to make it easier for customers to access those services right on the website.

Financing is a big part of the home-buying process and the logical next step while searching for a house.

With Roof AI, the team was able to have financing integrated as a natural part of the home-buying conversation. With the help of Morgan, the brokerage was able to

  • detect which prospects were looking for affiliate services
  • and make it easier for those interested prospects to apply for financing.

This led to a 90x increase in financing opportunities for the brokerage!

Woods Bros Realty chat triggers

The Key Takeaway

With a focus on their customers, Jason and the team at Woods Bros Realty have now transformed their brokerage website into one that is smart, personalized and engaging for all their clients.

Prospects are offered guidance and relevant content that is translating to faster conversion and higher closing rates.

After deploying Morgan on their brokerage website, Woods Bros has successfully

  • doubled its closing rate on internet leads,
  • and increased revenue opportunities by 90x,

proving that it is more important than ever to adopt an intelligent real estate customer experience.

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